Episode 2 is out
You can now listen to episode 2.

I took a little detour this week to write this chunky blog post on Concurrency with Guilds in Ruby 3. This happened as I was writing a story for the show and realized that there was not yet a simple summary of this new proposal by Koichi Sasada that could be linked to. So in a way, you sponsored this blog post as well. I put a link to the show at the bottom of the post in hopes to bring in more listeners. 

The post was fairly popular — it was featured on Ruby Weekly, Reddit's r/programming, and it received a lot of traffic from Twitter as well, so hopefully this detour pays off.

I also had an issue with the alternative microphone I decided to switch to this week. The sound quality was really sub-par and I recorded a bit too late in the day, so my voice was pretty bad. 

All of this caused the episode to be released very early Saturday morning instead of Wednesday as I had hoped. I'm sorry about that delay and I'll try to make the schedule a bit more consistent each week so you can know when to expect a new episode. My recording set up is now well established and things should be a lot smoother on the production side.

Talk to you next week and thank you once more for your support.