Episode 2 out today
It’s been an exciting week for The Aletheian Society! After much preparation, our first episode, Hell’s Darkest Pit, launched a week ago and we’ve been blown away by the response! Thank you to everyone who listened, shared, left us a review, recommended us on social media or become a patron- we really couldn’t do this without you. Well, we could, but there wouldn’t be much point.  

Last Friday also saw the final recording session for Season 1, with ten actors and the indomitable Stoo crammed into the Stoodio along with Ben the Faithful Recording Hound. The inevitable pick-up sessions are yet to come (particularly for Jude, who has a tendency to sound like she’s at the bottom of a well - we haven’t accounted for why she’s so acoustically aberrant yet) but that’s the majority of the recording complete, and the cast should have a few weeks to catch their breath before the next round of cat herding and doodle polls begins.  

But behind the scenes, there’s still plenty of activity. Stoo is still hard at
work on the rest of Season 1, tolerating with good grace the requests for increasingly gonzo sound effects. Jude and Chris are meeting this week to finalise preparations for Season 2, and we’re gradually adding to our portfolio of Special Patron-Only Content with two new minisodes: “A Guide to Handling Dangerous Supernatural Artefacts” and what’s being informally referred to as the “Banjo Special”. Add to that an in-progress secret minisode about Dr Cadwallader’s past and it’s all starting to look very exciting.  And of course, today we launch Episode 2! Things take a darker turn this week as the society delve into the murky Glasgow underworld. Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter, or drop us a line to the Hunter Hoose address! 

Jude Reid