Episode 2 | "The Red Man Was Pressed"
  Hey Patrons,

So, Threshold is one week old today! It's been kind of a whirlwind. I was on Colorado Matters  last week -- literally at the same moment that the podcast went live -- and tonight we had our launch party here in Boulder, which was full of warm, lively, supportive people. This thing is happening!

 We're getting some great feedback. Thank you for donating, for subscribing, and if you're one of the people who wrote a review on iTunes, thanks for that too! That really helps, as do your encouragements to your social media followers. Shout out to patron Zach Wilson who's been promoting it like crazy on Facebook, and to Matt Frank who has been featuring it Mountain West News

I just recorded a mini-promo for more folks to join us here on Patreon, which will run in the middle of episode 3. That episode features two ranchers, and the bison hunt happening on the borders of YNP. I reference an elk-dragging experience that will sound familiar to one of you...

The news from Yellowstone is pretty intense this year. It's a hard winter in Montana, which means a lot of bison are already leaving the park. Over 900 will be shipped to slaughter, and another 400 or so will likely be killed in the hunt. That's a lot of bison. Some people say it's way too many, that we don't need to be killing any -- we need to open up more habitat for them. Other people say it's not enough.  

I'm hopeful that this first season of Threshold may help make the conversation about the future of these animals wider and deeper. The more people who hear it, the more new ideas and possible solutions may emerge. 

Thank you for all your support,