Episode 2 Notebook Spread
Since I've been working mostly on writing and layouts this past couple of weeks, I thought this weekend I could share some writing stuff that I never got to show for Episode 2, on account of its direct relationship to the plot.

This was a two page ramble that I wrote, trying to break the story of Episode 2, when I had a vague idea of the setup I wanted but no idea of what manner of conflict or plot could happen. If you're curious, that blurred out bit on the top left is this off the cuff attempt at writing a scene.

Transcript, with some extra formatting for clarity


-Arizona takes Kay to an office somewhere (why?)

To determine whether there's ay public record of the Earth, so I guess it could be a library of sorts. But there's gotta be somebody there, yaknow to meet with them. A librarian? Nah.. but something similar

Arizona and Kay arrive at a public [???] of knowledge on some dinky moon.

They search for record of Earth. They meet with an official of public record, who finds no such planet as Earth ever being recorded. 

What odd  things happen at libraries? They are boring places that's what they're known for. They have a lot of information. If something got lost, maybe? What would Kay have to lose in a library? She has few possessions to begin with. What if the threat was something alien? What alien threat would be at a library and be relevant? Information information information!

Whatever threat exists in the second episode should be bizarre and biological in nature. Hardies?

Kay likes the hardies and lets them in the library. They gain access to the server at the library's heart and begin to peck at it, sending out a string of meaningless 1s and 0s.

I started out really not wanting to set the thing in a library for some reason, you can see I kinda gave up that resistance by the time I finished writing this.  You can also see some doodles of hardies, which I had already named and doodled out somewhere, but who became kind of defined by their plot role in Episode 2. 

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