Episode 20 (Part 1) – Nephilim with Mira, Willem & Rob

The first part of the Nephilim is finally out !

Multisim's Nephilim (2nd Ed), is one of my all time favourite game.

I hope this episode will make you want to have a go yourself at playing those immortal beings condemned, since the fall of Atlantis, into possessing live human beings through the ages, to be trapped in random archaeological trinkets or to dissolve in the magical fields.

Thanks to the team of French tabletop publisher Multisim and the authors Frédéric Weil and Fabrice Lamidey (sorry we forgot to mention him in you discussion) for creating this universe and the ensuing hours of game we played.

Thanks also to my guest Mira, Willem and Robert for joining. You were an excellent cast.

More discussion about Nephilim will be available, and the adventures of Valeria, Dahl and Eligor will continue in Episode 20 Part 2 (hopefully before the ed of the month).

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