Episode 201 Teaser: Lorin Roche Reads & Discusses The Radiance Sutras
Here is a snippet from Episode 201, Satsang With Sitaram Das and Lorin Roche.   Lorin reads Sutra 89 From his book, The Radiance Sutras. 

Below are the words.  Enjoy them, go deep, and be recreated.


You are stunned, powerless.
You thought you knew
What was going on.
Now you realize
You don’t have a clue.
You are stopped in your tracks.
Everything within your skin is shaking.

Enter this shaking.
Right here, in the midst of commotion –
Get curious, look around inside with wonder.
Unmind your mind.
All the walls have fallen down.
Go ahead and dissolve.
The One Who Has Always Been,
Who has seen much worse than this,
Is still here.

ādhāreṣv athavā ‘śaktyā ‘jñānāc
cittalayena vā |
jātaśaktisamāveśakṣobhānte bhairavaṃ
vapuḥ || 112 ||

Lorin can be found at lorinroche.com