I'm really excited about this episode. Not only do I think it has some of the best stories on OTS so far, but this is also the first episode where I was able to talk to all of the storytellers about their stories before they sent me their videos. You would think that would be a very "duh" decision, but I wasn't sure at first how comfortable I felt with playing a coaching role in this process. Now I just think of it as the storytellers practicing a bit before going in front of their audience. In the past I've liked how the raw the stories are. But I do want to make sure all of those telling stories become more comfortable in this environment. Not only is this a process for the show, it's for me too!

All of our storyteller deserves more love and attention, so please check out their channels!

Our lovely storytellers:

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"Le Grand Depart" by Cosmic Analog Ensemble

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