Episode 24 - A Good Guy With A Magic Sword

If you live in the Kingdom of Cyriania, you’ve heard about the  Feltrain Festival. The Feltrain Festival is an annual tradition in  Cyriania, an all-night dance party, and one of the few that is, by  tradition, unsegregated. All are welcome at Feltrain: Elves, Dwarves,  Humans, Tanuki, Great Eagles, everyone. It’s often held up as a sign of  Cyriania’s social progress, that ever since the fall of the Dark Lord  Necron and the breaking of his bone throne, Cyriania has been moving forward.

This year, however, that illusion was shattered when Huber Heknut walked up to the Feltrain Festival and pulled out a magic sword that released a poison gas that killed 50 people at the festival in a matter of seconds.

Every tavern and inn conversation asks the same questions Should magic swords be banned? Or are magic swords an unalienable right? And what does the Raptor Queen
have to say about all this?



The Voice of Free Planet X is written and produced by Jared Axelrod.

This episode featured music by bensound.com. The Voice of Free Planet X theme is by Russell Collins.

Episode art by Rachel Kahn.

This episode could not have existed without the performances of Andy Holman and Phil Thomas of West Phillians, Ellen Kushner of Sound & Spirit, Jason LeVonn Richardson and  Kennedy Allen of The Black Tribbles,