Episode 25 is now available to all $2+ Patrons!

The climactic ending of Otto's attempt to escape from the terrifying ghost patrol is now available to all  $2+  Patrons of the Heavenfield...

Entry 25 - Hydra - Part 6

Otto has been on the run from the ghost patrol for days now, as they relentlessly pursue him across the Great Ruins.

He has discovered the hideout of a group of Wraiths, led by the mysterious ‘General’, and with their help he has promised to lead the ghosts away. 

He believes he knows a way to stop them, but so far all attempts have ended in failure, the ghosts seemingly impervious to any weapons. 

But, whatever the outcome for Otto, he seems to be following a futile cause, as even if he succeeds, the Wraiths have orders that he is a risk to the security of their base, and he cannot be allowed to live...

This latest episode marks an end to the Hydra sub-story. It has been great fun recording it, especially this last episode, which is a huge firefight with a few Demons thrown in! 

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I've also been working hard on the latest section of the Datavault (Vehicles), and am hoping to have a Patreon update about that in the next few days. I'll outline the first ten of the vehicles in the list, and post up some sketches and details on how the various designs were arrived at and how they evolved. 

I hope you enjoy this latest episode; leave me a comment in this Patreon post if you do!

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