Episode 26: Sumter County Does
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 In August 1976, two unknown people were discovered by a trucker shot to death on a remote road in Sumter County, North Carolina. They carried no identification however their carbon copy features lead police to believe they were possibly related.

Investigators believe that the couple may have been well-to-do, or from another country. They may have been hitchhiking across the United States or were the victims of a carjacking. No drugs or alcohol were found in the two bodies, nor were they wearing underwear or had any money. An autopsy revealed that they had eaten fruit or ice cream with fruit, and a witness stated watching a man and woman matching the deceased couple's description at a local fruit stand.

Months after the murder, an employee of a KOA campground claimed that he had met the couple weeks before their deaths. He said that the man's name was Jock and that he and his companion were going to Florida. The man and the employee had become friends, and later told him that he was the son of a doctor in Canada, and that he and the woman were on vacation. Neither the couple nor the killers have ever been identified.