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Episode 26 - Paul Whatuira - Back from the Brink
The  incredible former NRL player Paul Whatuira (Warriors, Panthers, Wests  Tigers, Eels) sat down with Shannon and Fiona to talk through a career  full of highs and lows. The two-time premiership winner explains how he  made his way from a small town in New Zealand (that is absolutely  bursting with sports talent it seems) to the Warriors, Melbourne,  Brisbane and the bright lights of Sydney. A bit of luck and a helluva  lot of hard work earned him two titles (Penrith 2003 and Tigers 2005)  and he talks about some of the big names and amazing talents he’s played  alongside during his career - from Billy Slater and Cam Smith before  they made their debuts through to Benji Marshall, Tony Puletua and Craig  Gower in they hey days. And what did he say when a fresh-faced Cooper  Cronk said he’d see him in the NRL? He talks frankly about hitting rock  bottom while playing for Huddersfield and going into psychosis that led  to him being hospitalised in a psychiatric ward and ultimately retiring  from the game (save for one match on returning to Australia). But with  more of that hard work, Paul has put those dark days behind him and he  talks about how he uses positivity and mindfulness to always be in a  good place these days.