Episode 261 - HORROR V. OCTORBOR: Freddy vs. Jason (2003); plus, PATRON PAYMENT UPDATES!
http://www.alcohollywood.com/horror-v-octorbor-freddy-vs-jason-2003/This week, actor and friend of the show Andrew Saenz joins us for our first installment in a months' worth of 'Vs.' horror films, starting with the unfortunate 2003 schlockfest Freddy vs. Jason!


After giving it some thought, we've decided to change our payment scheme on Patreon from per-episode to per-month, just to make it easier and more affordable for everybody. If you're already a patron with us, feel free to check messages and adjust your contributions as you see fit. Just wanted to give our patrons a bit more flexibility in the way they support us - thanks so much for your continued support!