Episode 27: Fighting For Her Life and For Motherhood With Emily Sandusky
Emily had leukemia four(!) times after first being diagnosed when she was 5 years old. She had an amazing journey of becoming a mother.

Listen as Emily talks about:

  • Balancing her chemo treatments, school and soccer when she was younger.
  • The last time she was diagnosed at 19 (as a freshmen in college) and how she finished college while doing chemo for 2 years.
  • How she managed to get through being diagnosed and relapsing with leukemia 3 times, all while keeping up her spirits.
  • How she met her husband and how the discussion of a future family went.
  • The search for a gestational surrogate and an egg donor.
  • The 3 transfers it took to finally get their identical twin boys.
  • Her connection she felt to the babies during the pregnancy even though she didn’t carry them.
  • Being on a cruise in the middle of the ocean when their surrogate went into labor — find out if they made it to the birth!
  • What her relationship with her surrogate is like now.

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