Episode 29: 10th Anniversary Episode - Top 30 Lynch/Twin Peaks pieces & Top 12 Video Essays (plus: the future of Lost in the Movies, plans for new Journey Through Twin Peaks & more)
0:00 INTRO, pt. 1: getting started 10 years ago

3:20 INTRO, pt. 2: plan for this episode

7:07 WEEKLY UPDATE/recent posts: Wire series (image issues & maybe upcoming discussions of various first seasons)

8:30 WEEKLY UPDATE/Patreon: 2nd tier biweekly preview - Laura Palmer character study Pt. III *(correction: the "SPIRIT" section will actually be in the *next* preview, Pt. IV on Jul. 25)

9:23 WEEKLY UPDATE/works in progress: Mad Men season 2 premiere

10:21 FULL ARCHIVE POST *(correction: at the time of recording, I thought this would be ready in time for the anniversary, but it wasn't - so it's still upcoming)

12:05 10 YEARS IN 10 MINUTES: Brief history of Lost in the Movies

22:23 TWIN PEAKS REFLECTIONS: Top 30 David Lynch/Twin Peaks pieces (5 on Lynch, 25 on Peaks)

46:23 FILMS IN FOCUS: Top 12 video essays

1:05:12 OTHER TOPICS: The big picture/background: shift in blogosphere's ecosystem, drifting from cinephilia

1:11:03 FELLOW TRAVELERS: shout-outs to various guests and/or bloggers from the past decade

1:24:13 THE FUTURE OF LOST IN THE MOVIES, pt. 1: various projects/ideas

1:32:48 THE FUTURE OF LOST IN THE MOVIES, pt. 2: plan for Journey Through Twin Peaks chapters (+ character series, Olympic series, video essay seasons)

1:39:40 THE FUTURE OF LOST IN THE MOVIES, pt. 3: list of top "unseen" films I might review in a series, 1919 - 2018

1:42:24 OUTRO


5. Patreon update #11: David Lynch's Cinema - Connecting Eraserhead & Inland Empire, bonus: Blue Velvet (+ Diane Evans in Twin Peaks, Everything Sucks!, Frontline on Iran & Saudi Arabia, The Wind in the Willows & more) 

4. It's a Strange World: A David Lynch retrospective, 1967 - 2013 (part two: the forest)

3. The Eye of the Duck: A David Lynch retrospective, 1967 - 2013 (part one: the trees)

2.  Maya Deren & David Lynch: Spend a "lost afternoon" with my video essay MESHES OF LYNCH for Fandor Keyframe

1.  Take This Baby and Deliver It to Death: a video tribute to David Lynch


25. This Cherry Pie is a Miracle! (Twin Peaks at 25)

24. 2008 Twin Peaks episode guide 

23.  "It is happening...again": Images from an episode of Twin Peaks

22. Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

21. Images from a journey through Twin Peaks

20. The history of Journey Through Twin Peaks 

19. Fire Walk With Me belongs in the Criterion Collection

18. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me & Joan the Maid Part 1: The Battles/Part 2: The Prisons (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #2)

17. The Original TWIN PEAKS Character Series

16. Twin Peaks Reflections on this podcast

15. original review of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

14. Cooper and Laura: a visual tribute to the stars of Twin Peaks

13. Secret Histories Return to Twin Peaks: Mark Frost and the Spatiotemporal Expansion of Season 3

12. The Creators of Laura Palmer

11. Memories of Twin Peaks

10. guest appearances to discuss Twin Peaks (+ more & more)

9. Twin Peaks Out of Order 

8. Fire Walk With Me: a 4-part correspondence with Tony Dayoub on the Twin Peaks movie

7. Twin Peaks on the Internet...in 1990 (an alt.tv.twin-peaks archive)

6. TV Countdown - Twin Peaks

5. Twin Peaks: The Return viewing diary

4. Twin Peaks interviews

3. Side by Side - Neon Genesis Evangelion & Twin Peaks (premiering later today)

2. Gone Fishin': A collection of commentary on Twin Peaks

1. Journey Through Twin Peaks


12. I am My Brother's Reaper: Fists in the Pocket Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 

11. Oscar Blues: Honoring Spike Lee & Gena Rowlands 

10. Not Just O.J. - 7 Subjects in O.J.: Made in America 

9. Comedy Countdown - Modern Times 

8. 4 Times Back to the Future: Welcome to Hill Valley 

7. The Colors of Daisies 

6. Lady in Movieland: Lady and the Tramp's Journey Through Promiscuous Genres 

5. The Language of Birds: an Out 1 video essay (w/ Covadonga G. Lahera) 

4. BLACK/WHITE: contrasts in Ousmane Sembene's Black Girl (& Borom Sarret)

3. The Passion of Anna K. 

2. directed by Brian De Palma 

1. Learning to Look: eye contact in Satyajit Ray's The Big City 


Wonders in the Dark

Cinema Viewfinder

Neo Westchester


Can't Explain

Kevin B. Lee on Vimeo

Covadonga G. Lahera on Vimeo

25 Years Later 


Wax Mask

Andrew Cook on Twitter

No Ship Network

The Front Row (Richard Brody at The New Yorker) 

if you're intrigued by other blog titles I mention, definitely search them out - most are also included in the blogroll of Lost in the Movies (on the sidebar)


WAX MASK talks to Sally Cruikshank (Max Clark's interview with the avant-garde - and Sesame Street - animator)

Games cinephiles play by David Bordwell (Observations on film art - essay in which he discusses the distinction between "cinephiles" and "cinemaniacs" particularly the cinephile's interest in "the cinema" as a whole, not just individual movies)


Published this week:

The Wire - "Game Day" (season 1, episode 9) 

The Wire - "The Cost" (season 1, episode 10) 

The Wire - "The Hunt" (season 1, episode 11) 

The Wire - "Cleaning Up" (season 1, episode 12) 

The Wire - "Sentencing" (season 1, episode 13) 

Rewatching Parts 5-8 of Twin Peaks season 3: a conversation w/ Lindsay Stamhuis on 25 Years Later 

*(at the time of recording, the full archive post was scheduled for yesterday; however, it isn't ready yet and I'm considering a few options for how to present it)

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