Episode 3: Korina Outpost - Now Available!
"There have been some unforeseen complications as a result of the events at the Hegemony base on Tivon.  A neutral station, Korina Outpost, has the necessary supplies to help your crew.  While you take some time to rest up and recover, it seems there are other plans for you and your shipmates."

After 6 months of upgrading, testing, and production, Episode 3 is finally ready and marks the beginning of our "shorter but more frequent" episode release schedule.

None of this would be possible without our Patreon backers, it is thanks to them that Episode 3 is such a step up visually compared to the older episodes (someday we will update Episode 1 and 2 as well).

If you want to help us with funding future development please think about becoming a Patron here on Patreon or you can name your own price for the game over on itch.io.

Episode 4 has already started production and you can find a very short preview in the game once you complete Episode 3.

To download Episode 3:
SI Site: http://www.starshipinanna.com/Download.html
Itch.io: https://themaddoctors.itch.io/starship-inanna

v3.4 -
-Public release

v3.4.5 -
-Fixed accidental retention of a menu choice from testing that allowed users to bypass requirements for Ashe's sex scene in Episode 3.
-Fixes some Quality of Life issues for Episode 1 (M/F)

v3.5 -
-Finished adding QoL update to Episode 1 and 2 (PC name/location in save screen should work through all three episodes now)
-Fixed Nali dialog in Episode 2 where she called the planet the wrong name contradicting later dialog.
-Removed dialog in Episode 1 where you define that you have parents, Episode 1 now just has you define your Sibling (if applicable).
-Fixed Parent/Sibling glitch in Episode 2.  Added some new dialog if you have a Sibling with no parents (which is now possible).

v3.5.1 -
-Fixed having just a Sibling requiring having parents under some paths in Episode 2.

v3.5.2  -
-Fixed Xylin's song Ferocity in Episode 3 Sam discussion looping endlessly over the rest of the session.

v3.5.5 (currently uploading)-
- Fixed No Parents/Sibling glitch under certain conditions in episode 2
- Fixed Tren Office images not showing at all
- Fixed Xylin's song Ferocity not playing under certain conditions
- Fixed Episode 2 Chole/Asa shower scenes incorrectly showing Male image at start when playing as Female.
- Fixed a bunch of typos and grammatical errors
- Fixed a few lingering 'badge' images.

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