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Episode 3: "No Sugar in Coffee" w/ Zakariya Amataya & Kittiphol Saragganonda
In this third episode, Colin and Donald speak with poet Zakariya "Che" Amataya and Kittiphol "Yo" Saragganonda, fiction writer and Editor-in-Chief at 1001 Nights Editions. They speak about growing up in the shadow of conflicts in Thailand’s southern provinces and the different kinds of censorship that Thai people experience in their daily lives, as well as in literature.

The hosts try to make sense of the official confirmation of the mysterious transmission from Mars and a radiation spike on Phobos. Colin explains what the deal is with taxis in Bangkok.

Written & Produced by Donald &Colin. 
Edited & Mixed by Colin. 
Music by Reports (, courtesy of Martin Pavlinic. 
Recorded at the Friese-Greene Club ( in Bangkok.
Special thanks to Izotope ( for audio editing software.