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Episode 31 - Sex in the Geek Community feat. Liz Andrade and Hana Butler

We’re back with episode 31, discussing sex in the geek community with our friends 

Liz Andrade

 and Hana Butler! We chatted about vampire romance fiction, creating a more inclusive community, and the importance of ongoing discussions about sex and other topics in the geek sphere.

As a head’s up, we ran into some unfortunate audio issues on this episode due to new equipment, new programs, and Skype. We apologize for the low-quality recording and hope you listen anyway—Liz and Hana had wonderful, informative things to say and their contributions are one-hundred percent worthwhile.


: Due to the nature of this episode, it is rated explicit. 


: The reason Missy couldn’t find the article she was looking for was because it was by Sarah Nyberg, not Zoe Quinn, and it is actually titled, “I Was a Teenage Edgelord.” Linked below, with trigger warnings.

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