Episode 33: The FBI And A Baby-Selling Ring — With Kim Surratt
Kim Surratt is back! If you missed it, go back to Episode 31 to hear her background and some majorly impressive feats. In this episode we hear the drama-filled story of how Kim played a significant role in taking down a criminal “surrogacy” baby-selling ring. 

Listen as Kim discusses the details of a scary and horrifying case involving corrupt attorneys, a California “agency,” duped women “surrogates” in several states…oh, and the FBI:

  • Rematching in surrogacy — but when the “surrogate” is already pregnant (say, what?!).
  • Sending women off to the Ukraine to a fertility clinic to get pregnant but with whose genes? No one knows.
  • The vague surrogacy laws at that time in CA and NV that made it difficult to prove what they were doing was illegal (even though it was clearly unethical).
  • An attorney administering medication…yes, an attorney (who was not, by the way, also a doctor).
  • A minimum of 13 known women who came back from the Ukraine and were essentially tricked into have the baby they were carrying sold to the highest bidder.
  • FBI, wiretapping and some really awesome spy stuff.
  • The charges - illegal administering of medication, illegal “surrogacy,” trafficking women out of the country and selling babies.
  • Plus, Kim’s tips on finding a GOOD, reputable surrogacy agency.

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