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Episode 34 - The Rudder
We're cookin' now! Many projects are getting checked off the list and only a few more have been added haha I'm so super happy with this video, it is a long one... so buckle up :)

Thanks to all of you I am doing Salt & Tar full time now! I worked only two days away from the boat this month, hence why I was able to get two episodes done this July, and it feels really good. I've made a timecard for myself, as I'm not too good with self-motivation (my grade school teachers will second that), but you've all given me quite the encouragement. Adding up the two videos and dividing by the 26 hours it took me to make both videos I've made 18 an hour (which is what I make working else where now a days) so THANK YOU I CAN DO THIS! So much more is happening on the boat and we truly think August, cross your fingers and toes, we'll see that launch ramp.

I can't thank you enough. I love my job!

and Garrett and Swab as they get to have me around everyday ;)