Episode 34: Science, Intrigue, & International Relations—Jennifer White’s Bonus Birth Episode

Jennifer White is the Director and Co-Owner of Colorado Surrogacy, New Mexico Surrogacy, Montana Surrogacy, Texas Surrogacy and New England Surrogacy. She is also the co-host of the I Want To Put A Baby In You Podcast and a proud infertility survivor.

Listen as Jenn opens up about:


  • How she met her husband and how their relationship blossomed.
  • Her journey with infertility—the feelings and frustrations along the way and the tests and doctors that followed.
  • Her surprise positive pregnancy test and their reaction.
  • The phone call to tell them that the triple screen test was abnormal (while her husband was deployed).
  • Her strange medical problem and the horrors of dealing with a completely inappropriate perinatologist. 
  • Her dramatic labor and birth story (including no option for an epidural, a power outage and an emergency c-section). 
  • The emotional homecoming with her husband and baby after returning from deployment.
  • AND…a special BONUS interview with Ellen’s daughter (7) and Jennifer’s daughter (11).

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