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Episode 35 - Moving Beyond the Wounded Healer

Rhonda is one of my favourite people to talk to.

Listen here: 

Her addiction and suicide attempt are just part of her story.

She is a healer. 

She's an entrepreneur. 

She is a connector.

And she's a total badass.

She can talk intelligently on so many subjects its almost unbelievable.

We talk everything from personal growth, to plant medicine and everything in between.

Here's the episode I did on Rhonda's amazing podcast!

Rhonda Smith- Life Architect/Podcaster

Founder of Cosmicsmith and Cosmicsmith Radio 

One will keep hitting bottom until they finally break into a thousand little pieces. From this place comes the birth of the true self. Rhonda's journey is one of incredible tragedy to immense triumph. Her greatest learning has come from the deepest shadows within. Once she stopped running from the shadows, they became her greatest teacher.  

A challenging life is a symptom of trauma. The trauma must be felt for healing to occur. The only way out is through. Her journey is one of great self betrayal. Her greatest medicine has been learning to be herself and to bravely walk the unique path of that she have been given. This path is one of incredible Truth and Great Mystery. 

Rhonda is the founder of Cosmicsmith Radio. This unique shows shares alternative paths to healing, acceptance and wholeness. Stop projecting who you think you are suppose to be and share the gifts that only you can share. 

The time is now to remember who we have always been. It is time to walk in truth. 

"Warriors aren't always the ones who win, but they are always the ones who fight"

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