Episode 36 - Steal This Podcast
In which we play Six Degrees of Lila Cheney; Cannonball gets a makeover; Earth does not in fact blow up; the X-Men like their s’mores with thinly veiled allegories; and Magik dabbles in erotic friend fiction. X-Plained: Strong Guy Annuals New Mutants Annual #1 (Steal This Planet) Lila Cheney Both versions of Cats Laughing The Vrakanain Chris Claremont Book Club Uncanny X-Men Annual #8 (The Adventures of Lockheed the Space Dragon and His Pet Girl Kitty) Some dubious campfire games Illyana’s Space Opera Space pirate X-Men Some long-awaited resolution NEXT WEEK: Rachel and Miles’s Giant-Size Special #1, featuring God Loves, Man Kills!