Episode 37: The Ultimate Village: Four Moms and a Dad — Hannah Sawitsky Ristorcelli

Hannah has two loving moms and shares her unique story of conception, upbringing and what makes a family.

Listen as Hannah chats about:

  • Her unique conception and unconventional family structure.
  • Her moms meeting her dad the first time she did (take that in for a minute).
  • What happened when the realities of being a sperm donor set in with her donor—there is a real human on the other end!
  • How her sperm donor became a very involved part of her life.
  • Growing up as donor conceived in an unconventional family and trying to explain it to kids she grew up with — and moving from hiding it to embracing it.
  • Dealing with the perils of separated parents …oh and dealing with it while you are in middle school (good times).
  • The awesomeness of the donor sibling registry.
  • Reaching out to same sex couples on how to help them navigate the experience she went through with their kids.

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