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Episode 38- Jeff Shapiro and Cracking the Code
Jeff Shapiro returns to the Cloudbase Mayhem! We sat down with Jeff in episode #3 of the podcast a year and a half ago right after Jeff lost a number of his closest friends to Wingsuit basejumping and had an amazing talk about risk, danger, gratitude, life, love and the art of living a life of adventure. At that time Jeff was just learning paragliding after a lifetime of hang gliding and “high risk” sports so we wanted to catch up and find out how his progression has gone. What’s different other than the aircraft? How have his thousands of hours of flight helped (and potentially hurt) learning cross country with a paraglider? We talk about risk; revisit his decision to wingsuit jump again; delve into what it’s like to be a beginner again as a professional athlete and why learning is so necessary to joy and happiness; how to “crack the code”; how to manage fear and realizing perspective can be changed; controlling a glider if you have dramatic riser twists; unpacking learning a new activity and a LOT more. Jeff is an amazing human and articulates the beauty of our sport in a way very few can. Please enjoy this amazing episode.