Episode 38: Amanda Kinnard-Fuchsgruber’s Gestational Surrogacy Journey — A Viewpoint On Independent Matches

Amanda is the Business Manager for Colorado Surrogacy. She lives in Colorado with her husband of ten years and two amazing boys. She is a sign language interpreter and an experienced gestational surrogate and now uses her superpowers to help other people with their surrogacy experiences!

Listen as Amanda shares:

  • How her sister’s early diagnosis of cancer at 18 months inspired her to become a surrogate.
  • Her friend’s story of loss and how it led her to become her surrogate.
  • Their experience doing an independent match without an agency.  
  • The legal issues they ran into without the help of an agency (i.e. trusting someone when they said the GC and IP could share an attorney).
  • The double embryo transfer and the scary situation when she started bleeding early in the pregnancy. 
  • How she finally found her own legal representation after 20 weeks pregnant to put together the Pre-Birth Order.
  • The dramatic birth story and what her relationship with the IPs is like now.
  • Her motivation behind working with an agency now to help other surrogates. 

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