Episode 39 – Alex Robinson - Up now!
Episode 39 – Alex Robinson – It’s a bit of an Ink Panthers reunion as we welcome Mike’s old podcast chucklebuddy (and creator of Box Office Poison, Tricked, Too Cool To Be Forgotten, Lower Regions, & Our Expanding Universe) Alex Robinson! Mike & Alex rekindle their old jibba jabba vibe while talking about Alex’s current (& wildly successful) podcast Star Wars Minute. No holds are barred as we talk about the recent attempt at re-serializing BoP in color, and Alex’s current long term project Cosmic Saga. There’s a lengthy digression into “stuff that sucks to draw” spurred on by Alex’s new rule that Cosmic Saga should be (gasp!) “fun to draw.” Check it out! 

PLUS: This week's Real Talk will be Julia Wertz! Look for it on Thursday, only for all $3+ up patrons!

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