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Episode 413
Erika stepped out on a limb this week and took charge of our segment about using Google Analytics. We'll be looking at it more in depth over time, but I wanted to keep it fairly "introductory" at the start. It's great to see co-hosts bringing their knowledge to the show and talking about topics that are of interest to them. Sometimes we can forget that they're all volunteers, and your kind words of encouragement to them only builds their confidence and helps the show to get better and better!

In other news, having spoken with Ethan Calk, writer/co-producer of Star Trek: Renegades earlier in the evening and obtaining his a-okay to share what we know, we have some BIG news for Star Trek fans during this episode. Don't miss it!



Star Trek: Renegades poster artwork used under Fair Use terms as per Related video trailer and information revealed on this broadcast used with permission.