Episode 42 is Now Available!

Autumn is on its way here and the days are getting colder and wetter. It's strange, but this weather always has the same effect on me - I start become a little more inward-looking, and find myself going out for long walks with my notebooks.

So, I'm gearing up again for story-writing after the summer distractions, and, after getting The Diary to a virtual end, am eager to get on with new projects.

Having said, there are still a few loose ends to tie up with The Diary of Otto Kandinsky, not least finishing the audiobook, so here's another episode for you to listen to.

It's almost a year since I first wrote these current episodes - I can remember sitting by the river getting lost in my own world for hours upon end. 

I've also just started listening back to the first episodes, and was happily surprised with how much I enjoyed them  - seems like such a long time ago now. Otto has come a long way since he was 'recruited' into the Exiles, and he's got a few more adventures before the end of the story:

Episode 42 - Return to Devil's Rock

After witnessing the horrors at the Battle of the Dead Plains, Otto and his crew hoped for some respite in the war against the Americans.
But, to their dismay, they receive their orders to prepare for a new assault, and must return once more to the dreaded mountain of Devil’s rock...

These episodes are available to all $2+ Patrons, I hope you enjoy them.

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