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Night Attack is and will continue to be free for all. Patrons get exclusive early access to preshow and aftershow on YouTube and Patreon RSS.

You also get voting shares on what makes the comedy albums and other show stuff.

Lookatchu all fancy.

Includes Discord rewards
Gold Diamond Patron
$5 or more per tuesday night shenanigan 78 patrons
You are God's only true wish. You have made our dreams come true... but you're not done. Nay! You get pre-release samples of new Night Attack album tracks and exclusive voting rights on which make the album and which we release as promos. 
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Platinum Gold Diamond Patron
$10 or more per tuesday night shenanigan 13 patrons
You are the stewards of this ship and in that you not only get the voting rights on all show issues and titles for the albums as well as the choice on which tracks MAKE the albums. You also get the FULL ALBUMS before they are released to make sure everything sounds good. True story: this is an actual problem that we need help with. We've pushed out albums with stupid mistakes on them. So who better to help us perfect it than people who love us the most?
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$50 or more per tuesday night shenanigan 4 of 4 patrons
The Four Horseboys of Night Attack - Woooooo! To be the Patron you gotta beat the Patron. And YOU baby, you're the best of the best. You get everything we promised before: voting on the titles of the albums, pre-release tracks and even full proof copies of albums before they're released. Every time that Brian and Justin get together to record Cold Opens or Album Tracks (in person OR on Skype) you will be alerted and Skype'd in. You hear it from the inception! Not to mention front row seats to ANY live NAP shows or events! Further more, free stylin' AND profilin'! Woooo!  

Also, there are ONLY Four Horseboys. Ever. Once someone else drops, their spot opens. If there are already four installed, then I don't care if the Sultan of Brunei rolled in riding a glided Segway waving a vase full of ancient doubloons. HE AIN'T A HORSEBOY UNTIL SOMEONE ABDICATES. 
Includes Discord rewards
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