Episode 44 & Future Rewards
Good Aftermoon Champions of Science!

Blastropodcast episode 44 is out today! Have you always wanted to learn aboot radiation, but delayed it until you could consult a legitimyute nuclear professional? Well the wait is over! Newly engineered Keith Hand returns to l’Podchambre to drop a metric butt's worth* of CREDIBLE information on us all. Amen.

While it is still hot as a Nar Shaddaa Rolex here in Chicago,  summer is technically drawing to a clothes. It was a hectic season for my idiote roommate: tackling projects at work, writing Our Fair City’s final season, producing the Cthulhu
recordings, and making an image-video rewarg on behalf of il Patreonis
Generosicus, all while cranking out a regular stream of the hearty ear-compote
that comprises the BPC cavalcade of shows. But he’s not done yet! Here’s a word
from Mark (that idyet):

Future Rewards

Hi Patrons! I want to create more rewards for you. I want them to be valuable – stuff you’d actually like that doesn’t exist yet. So I’ve listed some options below. 

Email or Tweet me and tell me which one(s) you dig. The reward with the most
votes becomes a reality!

  1.  Blooper Reels Every time we record, many crazy moments are lost on the Podchamber’s cutting room floor. We have the technography to scoop them up and mash them together for your listening pleasure. Think short n’ sweet bits. Like OFC does.   
  2. Video Game Audio ToursDottore leads you on humorous audio tours of the levels/locations in some of our favorite video james. It’s like a movie commentary track meets a “Let’s Play” video.    
  3.  The Joker Show Back in 2012, I hungered for a podcast that taught me science while being absurdly funny. Nothing like that existed, so I made BPC. I have always loved the Joker. I wish there was a smart, fun podcast that examines every facet of the Clown Prince of Crime – part history, part editorial, part raving fanboy tribute. But I haven’t found such a show out in the podscape. So what if I made it? Would you listen?   
  4.  MerchYinz guys want a Dottore refrigerator magnet? Some BPC stickers to slap on your iPhone case? With a little time and planning, we can make that dream a frightening reality.

Thank you so much for your support. 


Dottore Balordo (MoS) + Mark

*And I'm not talking about Metric Buttsworth, Queen Isabella's royal drug mule and expeditionist - also known as The Conkeisterdor.