Episode 444 - We Did This To Ourselves

We have Aether Revolt previews! But wait, Aether Revolt previews haven't actually...started. And yet we have this stack of cards on the official site to talk about? I'm very confused. Clearly we did this to ourselves.

After we're done with those we're taking a look at various forms of vehicular transportation in Magic's history and sort of trying to turn them into modern Vehicle cards. There are plenty of tangents along the way, with everything from coin-flipping to ante (and yes, Amulet of Quoz has both of those things) popping up to distract us. But it's a lot of fun and we hope you all enjoy!

And by the way, Chewie is streaming video games on Twitch now! Come check it out at www.twitch.tv/themanapool!

Promo Cards - http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/aether-revolt-packaging-promos-and-planeswalker-decks-2016-12-05
Card Gallery - http://magic.wizards.com/en/products/aether-revolt-cards
Gideon & the Airships - https://twitter.com/FPiringer/status/806508192087834624

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