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Episode 47 – New Planet, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman
Geek Bytes 1/23/16

Welcome to another

episode of Geek Bytes Podcast.

I’m Ramon Mejia…….and I’m Edgar Acosta

Every podcast we bring

you the roundup of the week’s best Geek and Tech news, then we discuss that

news and anything else we’re interested in that week.

In Geek News this week, we’ll talk


the New Planet on the block, GM Car

Sharing, Apple Music Memos, the Pakistan YouTube, Steven Moffat Leaving Doctor

Who, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Netflix News, Deadpool Banned in China, the Suicide

Squad Trailer and More…

In our Discussion section

we talk about

… some of the great comic book

movie stuff revealed this week including Justice League and Wonder Woman Sneak

Peak and Legends of Tomorrow.

For the full show notes visit us at http://www.geekbytespodcast.com/episode-47-show-notes