Episode 48: 4 Months to Fertile — September Burton

September is the Founder and CEO of 4 Months to Fertile, a fertility coach and mother of seven (yes, SEVEN) children. So…yeah, not busy AT ALL.

September chats with Ellen and Jennifer about:

  • Being a mother of four and dealing with recurrent miscarriages—and what she did about it to then have three more kids.
  • How she completely changed her eating habits and lifestyle.
  • How much nutrition can affect fertility.
  • Her meetings, her app, her cookbook — all the resources she has available to help members stay motivated.
  • Her tips to getting started and staying on track with your nutrition journey.
  • The upcoming Colorado Fertility Conference (May 26, 2019) she is organizing, combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine—and the amazing giveaways that will be available!

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