Episode 48 - Jeff Smith!
Episode 48 – Jeff Smith!  –  We had the pleasure of hosting Jeff Smith on the party floor this week. He’s the author of indy comic turned kid’s lit publishing juggernaut Bone, Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil, RASL, and Tuki: Save The Humans (currently in progress). He’s also a co-founder and organizer of the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (aka CXC) festival.  We get right into his work on TUKI, including the tough decision to pull the book from both online & print serialization when he realized it wasn’t quite working the way he wanted it to. Jeff’s back hard at work on a revised and refocused version of TUKI, and we talk about the stylistic choices, inspirations, and goals involved along the way. His role as a driving force behind CXC is touched on, and we get the secret origin of the fest itself! Indeed, there’s a lot in the way of history lesson this episode, as Jeff talks about the origin of the species, the genesis of BONE, his experiences with Will Eisner, the Billy Ireland Library, and the comics scene of the 1990s. Plus: RASL! Writing! The Importance of improvisation! Editing! Just when is a book “done!” And more!