Episode 49: Surrogacy and Unicorns — Shelly Marsh

Shelly is the Marketing Manager for Men Having Babies so she gets to help hundreds of couples a year have babies. She helps empower and educate men on the process and the steps to make sure they’re making the best decision for them and their family!

Tune in as she shares with Ellen and Jennifer about: 

  • How being a part of a mom’s group planted the idea of surrogacy with her.
  • Her first experience with an agency and their reaction when she said she wanted to work with a same-sex couple.
  • The first “date” errr….the match meeting over Skype with the couple whose profile she selected.
  • Their first in-person meeting — and her outfit dilemma.
  • The timing delay after losing 2 egg donors.
  • Her pregnancy experience — the vomiting…oh the vomiting.
  • The beautiful birthing experience.
  • The story of her second surrogacy journey.
  • Her scary experience with heavy bleeding while pregnant with her singleton 2nd surro baby.
  • The request from the surrogate parents from the 2nd journey for a baby sister.
  • The amazing work she does with Men Having Babies.

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