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Episode 51 - Harry Potter Books One Through Four
In episode 51, we're taking a look at a series that's incredible  formative for both of us—Harry Potter. This time, we're discussing books  and films one through four, figuring out what makes them so appealing  to us, why we're still interested, and how our views have changed since  our first entry into the fandom. We also talk a bit about the election,  because, if we're being honest, the idea of devoting a bunch of time to  Harry Potter right in the aftermath without acknowledging it felt like  we were ignoring the issue. We're not—in fact, we'll be donating 100  percent of the money we make from Patreon and merch sales in December  to a charity or multiple charities to be decided soon. We chose  December to be sure everybody would have the chance to participate since  November is always half over. Don't worry, we'll be reminding you  frequently!

Warning: There are a couple references to genitalia.

Mistakes:  Mark Oshiro worked for Buzznet, not Buzzfeed. Also, though largely  irrelevant, it was actually Mark Reads Twilight that Missy read first,  not Mark Reads Harry Potter.

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