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Episode 51 Parrot Problems: A Positive Approach: How to Stay Sane in Emotional Whirlwinds
Episode 51 of COCKATUDE: PARROT PROBLEMS: a positive approach: how to stay sane in an emotional whirlwind.

There are those times, don't you agree, when you are sure that the people in white coats are coming to take you away to the funny farm. Alternately, sometimes you think you're already there. Parrots are not difficult creatures by nature. Yet, they are so different from us that their expectations can conflict with ours. Let's face it, they are not feathered kids they are living dinosaurs.

So before you hit that big red panic button I offer some of my personal solutions based on my experience, the teachings of my mentors, and behavior science.

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“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”— Epictetus CE 55-155

These links are to awareness tests that will surprise you. We think we know exactly what we are seeing but do we? Cognitive scientists say no. This videos prove it!

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Basketball test: No matter how closely you watch this video you will probably not get the right answer!