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Episode 51: Nemesis pt 1- Transformers Beast Wars Podcast
Mon, 18 April 2016

Episode 51: Nemesis pt 1- Transformers Beast Wars Podcast

This week: Very special announcement at the end of the podcast; Eric needs more adjectives; Dale tells us where he keep his strike anywhere matches; Eric writes fan fiction about his new addition to the top ten characters; NEITHER of us could take decent notes because of this AMAZING episode and elaborate finger pointing ensues. Will Megatron be able to end the Beast Wars with a found miracle? Can we somehow wrap up everything with JUST 1 EPISODE LEFT? Who is going to help us write our new fan series of the most EPIC feud ever?

Join us as we tackle this higher calibre episode with some laughs, tears, more questions and ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! (something about a tinted pane)

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