Episode 58: Dumbledore Is So Extra
This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Welcome guest host Marjolaine!
The Phoenix Register: TRAILER'S HERE!
→ WB is scared of Megan. 
Fantastic Beasts 2: Newt Escapes His Babysitter
→ "Take my money, whatever..."
→ Hogwarts. Hogwarts! HOGWARTS!? 
→ March Madness: Apparition Edition.
→ "It has taken the name of Augurey in vain."
→ The Newt... shed?
→ Everyone's on a roof.
→ "Hi, I'm Jude Law, welcome to Fantastic Roofs..."
→ We're just here for the baby dragons.
The Time-Turner: History of Le Grand Palais!
→ Shannen is an Animagus.
Kowalski's Korner: Who's your BEAST friend? :P

Podcast Question: Where do YOU think the French Ministry is located?

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