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Podcast VIP
$1 or more per month
OMG thank you let us rain rewards upon you!
  •  Personal shout out on the podcast. You tell us what you want and we will say it
  • Access to Private Patreon posts
  • Our eternal love and gratitude for helping us continue to do this
Don't Wait For the Podcast
$5 or more per month
Don't wait for the podcast, you can have it first.
  •  You get the podcast a day before everyone else on the planet. 
  • A slightly more enthusiastic shoutout than the $1 tier gets. 
  • An invitation to our monthly Patreon/Twitch Sub Movie Night.

Includes Discord rewards
Fan Mail!
$10 or more per month
Oh all the love. Thank you! We are going to give you more things because you gave us more money. Rewards will include this and sometimes more:

  •  Marcia will write you a personal thank you card and probably lick it with her wine tongue. 
  • There will be a The Mommy Gamers sticker or button or both, or other random stuff included depending on what kind of weird mood Marcia is in. 
  • Sometimes we make bonus content like YouTube video bloopers, or podcast silliness. You get those too.
  • All lower tier rewards as well of course including a shoutout on the podcast, the podcast a day before the rest of the planet, and Marcia will name her fourth child after you.

Includes Discord rewards
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