Episode 63: Goosebumps (ehrmahgerd!)
 It has been a few weeks since our last traditional episode of Random Reviews and Other Ramblings. Before the holiday break, we rolled Bratz, the movie adaptation of children's dolls. We begged all-knowing, all-seeing Allflicks to banish this abomination to the discount DVD bin and it answered our prayers! Bratz is no longer available for streaming and when we rolled our first roll of 2017, we were blessed with Goosebumps, the movie adaptation of children's books. You might remember Gordon bringing in this movie as an Other Rambling in Episode 9. 54+ episodes later, Goosebumps has become the first film to be both an Other Rambling and now a Random Review! After the news, we continue the nostalgia by revisiting the Ip Man trilogy previously discussed in Episode 43. Ip Man will become a tetralogy in 2018! We also ramble about La La Land, Moana, and some of the video games we picked up during the Steam Winter Sale. It's a content-filled episode! Next week, we're watching Much Ado About Nothing
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