Episode 63: Can You Hear Me Now?
Welcome back to Episode 63: Can You Hear Me Now? of Tales of Tamriel, a Dungeon Crawler Network Production. Join Aggelos, Asteldian, Avi Optimal, and returning guest, Raxxial, as they go over game news including Patch 2.0.6, Console Beta News, Zenimax Online Studios Removing Server Announcement Advertisements, and ESO Live Episode 16! During the Discussion Topic, the crew asks the question, Should proximity chat be added to the PC/Mac versions of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited or should we stick to our outside measures of voice communication? We also ask the question, should the console version of the game gain access to a chat box? Please be sure to let us know what your thoughts or via email, YouTube comments, or on our website! We had a lively Tales section this week as we talk to Avi Optimal about how fast he levels all of his characters, Asteldian talks more about raiding those Trials, Raxxial talks about running Veteran Dungeons on his Templar main and working on his "Mara"ige with Aggelos on his Dunmer Sorcerer. Aggelos got to do a little questing with Thais and played a lot on his "battle captive" Altmeri Sorcerer who he tried to make as "hot as possible" to add to his harem of female characters but then realized that he unintentionally made her look exactly like Thais! Free "Good Husband" point there! Finally, we go over Guild news, our TeamSpeak Server announcement, and our weekly Guild Lottery! If you wish to help support the podcast and network, consider donating on our website, DungeonCrawlerNetwork.com, or on our Patreon Page at Patreon.com/DungeonCrawlerNetwork! You can also support us by subscribing to our YouTube and Twitch channels, leaving us a review on iTunes, or by telling a friend about us! All of these things help us out a lot! We hope you enjoyed this episode of Tales of Tamriel and be sure to come back next week! Dungeon Crawler Network | Twitter | Youtube | Twitch.tv