Episode 68: Large American Bumpers
The Weekly Bleep – Episode 68: Large American Bumpers – This week Marcus went to Leavenworth and the boys kill 10 minutes on German beer and sausage in a fake German town. They move on to discuss Nutcracker Hip-hop. Chris saw Mad Max and it’s the most metal thing ever. He is stupidly excited about it and can’t stop talking about sand and fire and metal. The quiz is on military acronyms. Walmart is apparently a base of operations for Jade Helm 15 and Texas is apparently really nervous about the US military conducting training. The Chinese and UN are coming to help. Chris says some dumb things about the military and regrets it. North Korea executed a senior official with an anti-aircraft weapon. This episode is dark. Nutcracker Hip-hop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unQz4kFJ2Tg