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Episode 7: How Bad is Bad? - All’s Fair Play // Kalamatea Productions
Matt attempts to talk to Violet and Becca needs help.


From the team that brought you The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, comes All's Fair Play- an original comedy inspired by Shakespeare, all about a group of friends and what should have been a normal party....

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Violet: Erika Babins

Matt: Lucas Hall

Becca: Emily Henney


Executive Producer: Erika Babins

Line Producer/Production Manager/1st AD: Sinead Hughes

Creative Producer/Props/Set Dec: Alysson Hall

Writer: Alysson Hall

Director: Nessa Aref

Director of Photography: Nessa Aref

Editor: Marco Perri

Taylor Hastings: Initial Costume Design

Ren Boggio: On-Call Costume and Design/Consultant

Nessa Aref: On-Set Costumer

Dominique Legendre: Swing Wardrobe and Hair

A Very Special THANK YOU to the Babins Family


Tracks: Don’t Shoot, Unsteady

By: Sunday Buckets

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Tracks: Into the Dark

By: Amarante

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