Episode 7 -- John Llewellyn, Part 1
We are very proud to be able to bring you a very special interview over the next three episodes.

Listen  in on an extraordinary conversation between legendary Flight Director  Glynn Lunney and former Retro Officer John Llewellyn, whose overall  story is so much more than his service with NASA. A veteran of the  United States Marine Corps, John fought in some of the Korean War's most  savage battles and carried those memories with him for the rest of his  life.


*John talks about his grandmother living through the siege of Richmond during the Civil War.

*He first met Chris Kraft, not at NASA, but in their native Virginia playing baseball.

*Although  he had an appointment to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis,  John was in the marine reserves and got called up to active duty during  the Korean War.

*At one point, the conversation between  Glynn and John is interrupted by John's wife, Sandy, who asks Glynn to  get John to tell the "cattle boat" story. He does, and it leads to a  moment that is not politically correct, and in NSFW language. If you  want to skip forward when you get to that point, please do so.

*John  was right behind Platoon Commander Baldomero Lopez in an iconic photo  taken on Red Beach during the invasion of Inchon. Lopez is shown near  the top of a ladder going over a seawall, and died moments later.

*In almost painfully vivid detail, John discusses the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir.


Part 2 of this incredible conversation.