Episode 7: Stand Down

The Vancouver Police say they’re for harm reduction, but everyone we talk to in the Downtown Eastside says otherwise. On Episode 7 of Crackdown, Garth asks the cops to stand down. 

A full transcript of this episode is available here.

Alley graffiti with a public service announcement by artist Smokey D.

The Pivot Legal Society has put together this handbook for people who rely on public space. It has basic information about your rights when you’re stopped by the cops, and what you can do.

Alleys in the DTES are social spaces. (Photo: Garth Mullins)

Vancouver Police regularly park cruisers in alleys in the DTES. (Photo: Alexander Kim)

Three VPD vehicles parked outside the Vancouver Overdose Prevention Society on July 2, 2019. (Photo: Alexander Kim)


Justin Van Westen is an harm-reduction outreach worker in the DTES. (Photo: Garth Mullins)

Caitlin Shane, lawyer with Pivot Legal Society, at an action to establish a supervised consumption site in Maple Ridge.

Ronnie Grigg, also known as the legendary Narcan Jesus. (Photo: Garth Mullins)

Garth Mullins is Crackdown‘s host and executive producer.

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Our scientific adviser is Ryan McNeil from the BC Centre on Substance Use.

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