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Episode 71: Mario’s TOP 100 (75-51)
Episode 71: Mario’s TOP 100 (75-51)

Thanks for tuning in to 210 Local Media podcast, I am your host, Mario Zamarron. We’re continuing with the next group of 210 Local Media’s Top 100 songs. More appropriately, they’re my top 100 picks and they’re grouped in 4 sets of 25, and in each episode, they’ll be presented in alphabetical order. The qualifications are that they are/were local, played a song I like, and have either sent me music or have made their music available to me. Some bands will be played more than once as we get higher on the “chart”, some bands are totally absent because of the lack of a music release, or because the license to play their music is too expensive. By and large though, we’ve got the bulk of it here. Thanks to all of the musicians that have made this podcast possible, thanks to those who have made getting a hold of music, releases, or promo stuff easy, and thanks to YOU, the listener, for continuing to listen and make me feel that this is a worthwhile venture. I hope to accomplish a lot more in 2016, and I hope you enjoy my top 100 local songs.

Bitforce - Dead Walking

The Black Market Club - Castles

Blackbird Sing - Friday Night Lightning

Built For The Future - Build For The Future

Celeste’al Descent - Sweet Sarah

Covina - Act 2: The Resolution

Donella Drive - Minus Marley

Hydra Melody - Belmar Princess & This Road (Live)

Jimmy Dasher - Fall Hard

Jojo Badillo - Wings On Fire

Langton Drive - Pretend We’re Gods

Laura Marie - Dark Horse

The Lost Project - Bringing Me Down

The March Divide - Still Analog

Matt Adler - The Sound

Merilette - The Queen

My Madness - I’m The One

The Native Roar - Don’t Ask Me

Nothing More - Jenny

Rain On The Aftermath - Rosalee

Remanon - Justice Paige

Silent Minority - Show Me Love

Slowlikefire - Steps To Forever

WAXPANEL - Dying Inside

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