Episode 77: Cast of Characters
Our guest Elena introduces us to so many legendary characters in this episode. Here is a list so you can look them up and follow along at home!
  • Elias Lönnrot: the collector and creator (?) of Kalevala
  • Ilmatar: the spirit of air
  • Sampsa Pellervoinen: a random magical dude, who created the trees and plants
  • Väinämöinen: the main dude, an eternal and great sorcerer 
  • Ilmarinen: the best blacksmith there ever was
  • Lemminkäinen: the OG fuckboi of Kalevala
  • Joukahainen: an arrogant bastard, Aino’s brother
  • Aino: a great beauty with a tragic death, joins the maidens of Vellamo (the deity of lakes and waters)
  • Kyllikki: a great beauty, Lemminkäinen’s wife, loves to dance
  • Louhi: the great sorcerer of Pohjola, the land up North
  • Annikki: Ilmarinen’s sister, known for her wits and will
  • The Sampo: a magical object forged by Ilmarinen
  • Tuonela: the land of the dead
  • Tuoni: the master of Tuonela
  • Väinölä: the village/city Väinämöinen &co are from
  • Ututyttö: “the mist girl”, the spirit of mist
  • Iku-Turso: a great lake monster (and actually a wimp)
  • Kullervo: the tragic hero and Tolkien’s favorite
  • Kalervo: Kullervo’s father
  • Untamo: Kalervo’s brother, Kullervo’s uncle
  • Kantele: a traditional Finnish instrument
  • Akseli Gallen-Kallela: a Finnish painter, known for his Kalevala inspired paintings
  • Kokko: a massive, magical bird (helped Väinämöinen out of a lake once)

Want to hear today's story in song form? You're in luck. 

Here are some of Elena's favorite paintings by Gallen-Kallela related to the story we heard today.

And finally, some adorable cat photos. Thanks again, Elena! Find her on Twitter @elena_varg, and listen to her podcast, Kuin Ananas ja Kookos (a podcast in Finnish about friendship!) on Spotify.

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