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Episode 77: Wargaming's RadarX shares his Vision for NA Community Team

Hi listeners! In this weeks episode of the Warship Podcast, we have one of Wargaming newer additions to its staff, RadarX, who recently joined the Wargaming North America staff ventures on to the show to give us his views on World of Warships. The cast interviews Radar and gets up to speed with the new Senior Community Manager. Radar tells the show about his previous work experiences and how he got to Wargaming. He continues the interview by laying out some of his plans and ideas for how he can improve the North American side of the Warships Community.

KamiSamurai announces a contest asking for the highest damage in a French Battleship up to Tier 8, with the winner getting a free Gascogne, sponsored by one of our listeners and Impact clan members! The contest ends Sunday at Midnight Pacific time, so take a screenshot of a battle between Friday at 12:01AM and ending Sunday Midnight and email it to [email protected] for your chance to win! We'll announce the winner on Monday morning!

Sailing on to our show topics we cover a new German Premium Destroyer being tested, the Z-39. A destroyer which many testers and contributor find lacking and in need of help. The cast and crew give their opinions of the ship in its current testing state and hope for improvements. Please remember that Z-39 is a work in progress and is subject to change. Ideas and speculation as to how the ship can improve are noted with each member of the show giving their opinions. Which also moves right into our next show topic which was about over and under powered ships.

The Podcast crew takes on the issue of what makes a ship over or under powered and debates the merits of the topic. Giving a myriad of examples, the cast talks about what ships they feel are over or under powered. Some ships of note were Imp. Nikolai, HMS's Belfast and Conqueror, HIJMS's Izumo, Kamikaze, and Ibuki as well as USS's Pensacola, Baltimore, Saipan and Sims.

Cruising to the finish we round out the show by discussing promotions. The Steven Segal promotion where players were able to earn a special captain modeled after the actor has now ended, and players who have earned the captain. May notice that the captain avatar has changed along with the name sake. Radar discusses promotions and breaks down the idea and purpose for them as well as the limited nature that they often entail. The new Twitch Prime promo is mentioned and the crew debates the merits of limited time offers.

Thank you everyone for listening, as well as your continued support of this show. See you next cast!