Episode 775: Why is there so much confusion with right and wrong?
There is so much confusion in America with what is right and what is wrong, that more than a few Americans have checked out of the daily debate on the issue.

 Is there such a thing as objective truth?  If there is objective truth, how do we know it to be the truth?   Once objective truth is found, does that mean it can never be questioned?  Do feelings have a part to play in finding objective truth?  Do you see what I did there?  Its called the Socratic method, and it is the best way to find objective truth.  To have ones positions and truths challenged is the best way to see if they hold up as truth or just supposition.  

 Our children are not being taught the Socratic method in school anymore.  They are taught the Critical theory method of finding the truth, which presupposes to know the truth already and looks for the facts that support their presuppositions.  The facts usually turn out to be someone's opinion that supports their presuppositions, or cherry picked facts to fit their presuppositions.  With the Critical Theory method rarely are all the facts of a particular subject brought out to be discussed.  Unwanted facts are usually ridiculed, or the one who brings out the facts are accused of a social injustice, that is false and cannot be quantified!!!

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